How to undelete from Google Drive?

I accidentally moved several thousand files to Google Drive trash.
Is there any way to

  1. List those files by the date they were trashed?
  2. "Restore" (remove 'trashed' flag) them all?
  3. Check which trashed files are duplicates (based on hash) of non-trashed files?

I also have gdrive if that helps.

I was able to list & sort files by date trashed from admin console, and download report. So I have a list of all the IDs and when they were trashed...

Try using the --drive-trashed-only flag with rclone lsf - this can list IDs and info , or depending you might want rclone lsjson.

If you had a list of IDs then you could call the untrash API on each one - rclone doesn't support that directly at the moment though.

rclone dedupe will then help you sort out the duplicates.

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