How to transfer files >100MB via cloudflare to a nextcloud server?

topic says pretty much everything.
i need to transfer files bigger then 100MB via cloudflare to a nextcloud instance.
is that possible? if so how?

Where are the files stored? Can you access them over HTTP or are they on a cloud storage system?

the files are on a linux box with rclone available. of course I could uncloak my hostname in cloudflare but that would ruin why I am using it at all.

linux rclone shell command -> cloudflare https -> nextcloud webdav

You could run a web server on the linux box and then point cloudflare at that. That webserver could be rclone serve http if you want.

You can then use rclone with an http backend to transfer files to nextcloud.

Does not really help. Nextcloud encrypts the files when receiving via WebDAV. So if there are no options for WebDAV chunk sizes then I will have to find another way

The WebDAV protocol doesn't understand chunks.

I don't think I understand what you are trying to achieve. Can you spell it out for me please?

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