How to transfer data from to Onedrive?

I am using windows 7 machine. How to transfer data from to Onedrive?
Are there any detailed documentation?

hello and welcome to the fourm.

the first step is to create a rclone config file with two remotes.
one remote for
one remote for onedrive.

then for each remote run a simple command, to make sure you created the remotes correctly.
rclone ls remote

here is the doc to create remotes, there is a wizard to guide you.

and here is an overwiew of each cloud storage system.

I am facing trouble to create remote for OneDrive. What are clientID & clientSecret for Microsoft One Drive?

The error is "No reply address is registered for the application". What should be the redirect URI for the microsoft app created

Just leave them blank to use rclone's default ones

It is blank only. Because of that, in cmd window code not received. May be i need to give some url or select one that microsoft suggesting

Thank you all..Finally am able to do it.

Final question..
What would be command to copy all files and folders from premiumize to onedrive
premiumize remote name: remotey
onedrive remote name: remotez

before you run the command, make sure you do a trial run using flag
"Do a trial run with no permanent changes. Use this to see what rclone would do without actually doing it. Useful when setting up the sync command which deletes files in the destination."

try rclone copy remotey: remotez: --dry-run

Failed to create file system for "remotez:21": didn't find section in config file

as i mentioned above, you need to test the remotes before copying.
rclone ls remotey:
rclone ls remotez:

what is your rclone command?

and add a log file, so you know what is going on

rclone ls remotey: returning files list
rclone ls remotez: returning nothing

for onedrive it is not reurning files list

good, you got no errors then.

about the onedrive, are there any files in it?

I just created a folder.. no files are there
Just now added a file, and now ls command showing the file

Finally.. the copy command is doing something.. eagerly waiting for all the files to see in onedrive .. fingers crossed

did you use --dry-run and --log-file, i hope so.
if yes, stop the rclone command and take a look at the log for warning and errors.
if log is ok, remove --dry-run and run the command again.

you can also run the rclone copy command again, and it will continue were it left off.

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