How to transfer cloud to cloud with web-gui


How can I transfer cloud to cloud with web-gui? I cannot find any option to transfer files with web-gui.

Thanks in advance.

Do you already know how to transfer files in general?

If you are looking to do the same, but server-side (for remotes that support this, for exmaple Gdrive) then you will need to include either --drive-server-side-across-configs true when you launch your webUI, or else put server_side_across_configs = true in the remote config directly rclone.conf

For remotes where server-side can't be used (such as 2 different providers for example) you can stil transfer, but the traffic just has to pipe through your local connection. For this you don't need any special setting - just use the remote explorer page in the webUI.

I hope I am on the right track here, as your question is a little vague... What cloud services are we talking about here specifically?

I mean by cloud to cloud means Remote to Remote transfer. I can transfer remote to remote with rclone cli but found no option in GUI to transfer files between remote to remote.

I am trying to sync Digital Ocean Spaces to Wasaby

Is there any option to transfer remote to remote from within GUI? I found no option in explorer page in the webUI by default? or I have to enable it with server-side-across-configs?

If all you want is to transfer between remotes then this is pretty simple...
Just go to the "Explorer" page
Select "2 - side by side"
Now enter the name of first remote on one side (for example Gdrive: )
and on the other side enter name of second remote (for example Onedrive: )
to copy files from one place to the other - simply drag&drop it.
The WebUI is still a little basic, so I think it only does copy. If you want to move you would have to manually delete after copy, and there is no UI for sync. Hopefully these things will be added later on :slight_smile:

If you want a more advanced GUI you might want to check out Rclone Browser:

This can do most things you can do in commandline, but it is maybe easier to use for beginners.

PS: It is not necessary to enable any special setting to copy from remote-to-remote. This is only needed if you want to do server-side transfers on compatible remotes, for example Gdrive1: to Gdrive2:
(there are some added requirements to this, like having correct permissions between the accounts ect.)

Oh thanks. Did'nt tried the drag n drop but there should a copy button. Move and sync later on.

Yes, agreed. Go make some feature requests in one of the webGUI threads :wink:
There is still a lot of work to be done on the webGUI - but it is a good base to build on.

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