How to test remote connection

Hello experts,

I am looking for an end point in RC mode for remote connectivity test.

When I create any remote (say SFTP or AWS-S3) while creating or after creating it I want to test it to make sure that connection is successful and remote accessible.

Do we have any command/operation to do so?

Rclone v1.57.0

Thanks in advance,

how about listing the dir/files in the remote.

Hi @asdffdsa - Thanks for your reply.
Yeah listing is one option, I was wondering if there is any specific api/command just verifies connection.

And in my case I may not be aware that what directories available in source and if I just try to list root directory files, files list could be huge and also some cases my remote cred may not have root level permission to list.

recurse - If set recurse directories set to false
dirsOnly - If set only show directories set to true

then how to you plan to use the remote, you are given a harccoded list of dirs/files to work with?

othewrise, search that doc page i shared, and choose the command that is closet to your need.

Got you, recurse off should help.
Sure, will try to use list operation only and see.

Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

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