How to sync multiple SharePoint sites?

Hi everyone,

I have 3 SharePoint sites linked to my Microsoft account and would like to sync them with rclone.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to sync them in a sequencial order that can be executed once.

I found the command union but I haven't been able to put the 3 sites in different folders. Am I missing a flag for this?

Is there any option I can run them all in sequence number? I meant, one instruction that runs one after the previous one has finished? I haven't been able to find one.

Thanks very much.

I can't quite figure out what you want to do.

Sync makes destination identical to source.

So if you sync A->B, B comes identical to A.

You want to A->B->C? A->B + A->C ?

What's your flow you are trying to accomplish?

Thanks for your reply.

This is the scenario:

I have 3 SharePoint sites.
When setting up a remote: connection I am able to connect to 1 site only.
I can set up the 3 remote: connections and the challenge comes here:

I want to sync those 3 sites every night from 11 PM and I don't know how to run the 3 sync simustanously once the previous one has finished.

I found the command union remote:site1 remote:site2 but when I run it, it syncs all the folders from the 3 sites into one folder all merged.

Is there an option to sync the 3 sites progressively once the previous one has finished? Or is there any flag with the union command I'm missing that is putting all the files from 3 sites merged in 1?

Thank you.

The flow is

Siites in SharePoint A has A1, A2 and A3
I want to sync them locally with rclone every night at 11 PM in a folder like SharePointSites with subfolders A1, A2 and A3, and inside each subfolder what the site has.
But the sync to be run at once or progressively one a other after the previous one finish.
PS. I need to set a cron in Ubuntu that runs that script every night at 11 PM.

I don't get where you want a union to come into play.

A is always the source?

You can just rclone sync A: B: and then rclone sync A: C:

There's no need to union to join things as that just makes it more complex then I'd think it needs to be.

Thanks again

Maybe if I out it on this way will be easy for me to explain.

I have set up 3 remote connections (SharePoint, Dropbox and Google drive)
I want to run a command at once that I can sync the 3 accounts at 11 PM everynight (sync command)

I know how to do it with one connection

BackupSource = Dropbox
BackupDestination " Ubuntu/home/Dropbox
Rclone sync $backupSource $backupDestination

Dropbox is the rclone remote I set and I'm syncing it locally to one folder.

But how can I do it with more than 1 account to differerent local folders?

Why do you want to run one command though?

It's a scheduled/job/script anyway. If you union things, you have a harder time tracking what worked and what doesn't work and it adds complexity.

Can you run it with one command? Sure.

Make a union of B+C and we can call that D.

rclone sync A: D:

Thanks very much! Problem solved.

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