How to sync from http to http endpoint


Is there any possibility to get data from HTTP (listing is allowed) and synced to the other HTTP server (username and password or API-key needed) with rclone?


That is possible with the http backend

That is harder... There isn't a standard HTTP upload procedure. What sort of server is this?


Both HTTP servers are using Jfrog Artifactory ( So I can upload files to artifactory with curl regular username and password way:

curl -u testuser -X PUT https://someserver/somerepo/ -T

and the API-KEY method:

curl -H "X-JFrog-Art-Api:my_jfrog_api_key" -X PUT "https://someserver/somerepo/" -T

What i want to do is mirroring data from one artifactory (file listing allowed) to another artifactory (which requires authenication via username/password or api-key). The key point is that I want to upload my data to via artifactory to test artifactory's performance.

So, any idea how to sync http to http?

Artifactory appears to support WebDAV - can you try that for the upload?

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