How to sync/copy files deleted locally

Hi a beginner to rclone here. I'm still having trouble to wrap my head around the concepts. After reading the documentations, (im using google drive) to download files from google drive i can use sync and to move files to google drive i can use copy.

Usually i just sync and copy the whole drive. Everytime i make updates in the google drive i sync the whole drive and if i make changes locally i copy the whole drive. This is a bit slow but enough for a beginner for now.

My question is, when i do the above process i realized that when i copy the whole drive, it only uploads the edited/new existing files. If i deleted some files locally, it doesnt actually remove the files in google drive. Am i using the wrong command? It kind of make sense since it is copying, but i was not able to find the solution after searching in the posts here.

Are there any ways to sync the google drive to my local state?

You are using the command copy, that's why. copy does not remove files on the destination, you would have to use command sync.

Additionally, you can also use --drive-use-trash=false flag to delete files permanently instead of trashing while syncing.

Wouldnt that just sync my file back?

Sorry for being unclear. What i meant was for example i created a file foo.txt, I used sync to sync it to google drive. If i delete it locally then foo.txt will only exist in google drive. Are there any commands to sync so the google drive will in the same state as the local folder? i.e foo.txt will also be removed in google drive.

No, Rclone does not work both-way.

That's exactly what sync are for.

Synopsis: Sync the source to the destination, changing the destination only. Doesn't transfer unchanged files, testing by size and modification time or MD5SUM. Destination is updated to match source, including deleting files if necessary.

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