How to speed up 1fichier?

Hello everyone,

I'm using 1fichier as a PLEX server.

And I would like to know how to improve and accelerate the speed of file processing so that as soon as I upload a video to the folder in 1fichier it uploads super fast:

Here's the command I currently use to mount my 1fichier folder on my Windows PC:

rclone mount 1fichier: O: --vfs-cache-mode full --cache-dir D:\rclonecache --transfers 8 --ignore-checksum --multi-thread-streams 0

Note that D:\rclonecache is an SSD disk that I empty regularly so that rclone doesn't overload my storage on this disk, but I have dedicated this disk exclusively to the rclone cache.

Hi Alexandre,

Does 1fichier support multi thread streamed uploads? Is there a reason you've set that to zero?

What's happening right now that is a problem?

You'll be best to follow the Help & Support template and explain everything it requires, including your rclone version, explaining the problem in detail and pasting the relevant log when you are uploading a file, if the problem happens when uploading, to get better help.

so I'll explain when I transfer a file from my local disk to the 1fichier cloud disk sometimes it imports the file with zero bytes

Why I have multithread, I don't know I followed a similar pattern and it was on top, I confess I don't know much about the composition of rclone commands.

I'd just like a corrected command line that works very well in terms of download/upload speed ratio.

Can someone please suggest a correction to my command?

Without seeing the log, it is impossible to know what could be wrong. Please would you provide a paste of the rclone log with the DEBUG option, at the time you are transferring a file and it shows as 0 bytes in 1fichier.

If you are not sure what an option does, best to not use it :wink:
If you found it written somewhere that this option helped specifically with 1fichier and the issue you're having, it's good to try it, but if it didn't solve the problem, it's safe to say you can remove it.

This flag does nothing for 1fichier as it does not support any form of multithread uploads (see MultithreadUpload column in the below table):

As for other issues @dinosm already stated the obvious. Without any info it is impossible to investigate anything.

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