How to show file attributes in http server?

I am running rclone 1.65.1 in windows 10. I have successfully setup rcd webgui with http server using :

rclone.exe rcd --config="rc.conf" --rc-web-gui-no-open-browser --rc-addr :8080 --rc-user "admin" --rc-pass "test1234" wbg\current\build --rc-web-gui --rc-serve

At[myfiles:]/ , it shows all the files and directories but values for Modified column is shown as — . So no modified time is shown. But running just rclone serve http "myfiles" --addr :8080 shows modified time.

How to make it show modified time and other attributes of file and folder ?

Thank you.

It is sort of abandoned at the moment and nobody looks after it:

So unfortunately you might encounter various issues.

The problem is : http server is showing modified time of files when it's launched using rclone serve http "myfiles" --addr :8080 but if it is combined with rcd web gui, http server does not show modified time of the files.

Going through rclone serve http , I think --template could help, but I am not able to understand how to implement it to show modified time.

There is an open PR for this here:

(Which I have reviewed, and it LGTM :slight_smile: @ncw )

I think this PR has been merged to fix the issue but still modified time is not visible in rclone v1.65.1.

Is there any flag to enable it ?

just run serve http and --rc-web-gui as two separate servers if it works.

What actually do you want to achieve? Why to run it from one command?