How to setup Rclone so as to sync files from two computers

I’ve Rclone setup on a Linux computer. On that computer, Rclone uploads to GoogleDrive. I’d like to access those uploaded files on a different computer. I think that once I’ve got Rclone set-up properly on the second computer, I can use it (perhaps together with Rclone Browser) to access the files. But how to set it up? Should I give the new instance of Rclone the same ‘client_id’ as the old one? And what about the encryption I have on the files? Should I enable the ‘team’ option? Thanks.

PS: I do not need, at least for the time being, any true/greater syncing capacity.

EDIT: Solved, by copying /home/<user>/.config/rclone.conf from the computer with the working rclone to the computer on which there was a fresh rclone install. So doing enabled me to use RcloneBrowser to get at backed-up files, and I imagine I could use scripts that invoke Rclone to sync various files - and I may do that in the future.

I would just copy the config file from the Linux computer to the other one, and use it like that.

Thank you. I will try out that suggestion. (Also, I should have said that the other computer is also Linux.) If everything works, do I need to mark this question as resolved, in some way? (I’m new to the Rclone forum.) Thanks.

Should be no different to retrieve them than you do on your main computer.

Setup Config -> rclone copy remote local


‘Setup Config -> rclone copy remote local’ - you mean I should run the terminal command ‘rclone config’ and then choose an option labelled ‘rclone copy remote local’? (Sorry; I’m responding to these posts on my Windows PC, which doesn’t have Rclone installed; I’ve Rclone on a Linux PC and I’ll be putting it onto another Linux PC.)

Run rclone config and set it up again to connect with your remote storage server (Dropbox, GDrive or whatever your using). And, then run

rclone copy <remote-name>:<folder-name> <local-folder>

Or just copy paste the config as mentioned by Nick and run the above command.