How to set up with OneDrive

I just started out with RClone and looks like I'm missing something
I'm running version 1.48.0
I wanna set it up with OneDrive however, the docs don't represent what I see when I run it
I don't get anything for secret or that kind, I get a user and pass option and I don't know what to enter there
also, the link to OneDrive apps takes me to Microsoft azure and don't know how to get a key from there
I need a beginner guide on how to use this version

Thanx so much

user and password? sure you didn't just select swift by mistake on the list or something? Kind of counds like you just selected the wrong backend.

If need be, just post a screenshot of the questions you get and I will guide you.

the steps for setting up your own key should be detailed in the docs. do they not work for you? they arent needed right away, the remote will work even with the defaults - just perhaps nnot optimally.optimally. you can go back and add that later once you see you have the basics working.

I suspect you chose the number (18) in the docs as the drive type... These change unfortunately as new remote types get added. I've been gradually re-writing the docs so they all use the name onedrive when you choose which remote type you want. So you can type onedrive instead of 18 and you'll get the correct backend.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to have the first line after choosing a remote backend confirm your choice (name) in bold letters.

As you say - the list changes, and I' sure there will be times when the docs don't get updated in time and people end up choosing a wrong number because they were referencing the website. Or they simply have a brainfart and select the wrong thing. A confirmation would make such mistakes a lot easier to spot (as well as make troubleshooting this spesific situation very easy).

Not a high priority exactly, but maybe worth adding the next time the list gets worked on anyway.

thanx all for the replies, yes looks like the numbers are not well aligned there
I got it to work
thanx all again

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