How to send password for encrypted config to RCD?

i am running: (251194C rclone beta)

shell1: rclone rcd --rc-no-auth --config=encrypted.rc.conf

rclone rc config/dump

shell1 asks for password, but this password should not be asked from shell2?


Yes you’ll have to enter the password in shell1… Or set RCLONE_CONFIG_PASS environment variable

This could potentially be a new rc function - send config password, though I have a feeling that the rc won’t be intiialised before the config file so it would be tricky to implement.

but making it possible to enter from shell2 would create more secure, isolated environment.
Not 100% but more…
typing on shell1 on vps could be hijacked by vps owner,
but typing at home at shell2 and sending it in encrypted form to vps shell1 would be more secure.

Or maybe even better password for decryption with every command?

rclone rc operations\list fs=drive: dir password=pass

rclone rc config\dump password=pass

I see what you mean

Unfortunately rclone decrypts the config file at the start and holds it in memory, so that doesn’t really work.

An config/decrypt command might be possible which would decrypt the config file at that point rather than at start. If you make an please make a new issue on github about this then I’ll have a think about how to implement it!