How to script display of changelog for the latest release?

I have a bash script that updates the Linux PC upon which it runs; in so doing it updates rclone if a new (proper/major/non-beta) release of rclone is available. (My script updates rclone using the self-update feature but the script falls back if necessary to a download.)

The script works, but I'd like to be able to get the script to display the changelog for the latest rclone release. Perhaps I could work out how to do that on my own, but my knowledge of git and github are not what they might be. So I'd appreciate any help. (As to bash, I'm fairly good at it.)

PS: I chose the 'Off topic' label not because this topic is off-topic but because the label that was a better fit, namely 'help and support', made the completion of a long template mandatory, even though I am pretty sure that in this case that template is irrelevant.

The changelog is just one big file for all the releases Documentation - the source file is rclone/ at master · rclone/rclone · GitHub

You'd have to download the file and parse it if you only wanted the changelog for a particular release.

Its fairly easy to construct the changelog links but parsing the changelog file will probably be annoying!

Thanks. Hmm.

I find that my ebook viewer ('ebook-viewer' - which owes to what, the program 'Calibre'?) crashes when I try to open

The html - at, for instance, Documentation - seems more tractable. True, even if I managed to parse it, I'd then have to display it via bash - and it (the file) is html. I think I'll merely construct the link and then, in my script, open a browser at that link. Or perhaps I can use some sort of HTML to text converter.

If you open in a text editor you'll see it has a very simple structure and is also human readable.