How to run rclone from windows cmd without opening a new command prompt

As I remember, last year when I first used rclone on windows, when I opened a Command Prompt and type "rclone config" for example, it appeared a list of current remotes and options within that windows.

But currently, I tried several versions of rclone and on several versions of windows but everytimes I type "rclone config" or whichever rclone commands it will open up a new windows for rclone to run the command.

Please tell me if I have made things wrong? And how to fix this?


That should not happen (and does not happen on my machine). Do you see the same when executing rclone commands from a different shell, e.g. PowerShell?

i have never seen that before.

which versions of rclone behave correctly?
which versions of rclone behave incorrectly?


Finally I decided to re-install my Windows and it works like a charm. There's a malware or virus affected my computer that caused the issue.

Thank you guys and I am sorry for wasting your time.

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