How to restore encrypted files from other PC?

I managed to encrypt files and upload them to mega, then to download them and decrypt with RCLONE.

But thats because my commandline displayed the remotes i created.

What about other computers?

PS, for crypted syncing best choice would be remove all files before backing up new files? or is there a command that will check which files need to be resynced (reuploaded) and which dont need (becaause they didnt change for example)

You’d need to copy your rclone.conf to another computer if you wanted to use the same files or restore the same files.

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Does it matter what directory that file is? also where is it?

i have file rclone.1 is it that? because i took it out of rclone folder but still could access my remotes.
it doesnt say .conf tho.

oh ok i found the file in users folder

I’m not a Windows guy, but I think it would be your home directory and it’s usually a .rclone.conf

so like C:\users\yourname.rclone.conf

Note that

rclone config file

shows where the config file lives