How to remove the GDrive token generated by Rclone

Hello guys~
I found a secure problem from my two vps.
I use rclone to achieve GDrive by default token, which generated by rclone itself, not from my Google Cloud Console.
So I successfully access GDrive on my VPS_A.

And I have another VPS. Let's say VPS_B.
I just copy the config file of rclone from my VPS_A to VPS_B.


cat ~/.config/rclone/rclone.conf

And then copy these stuff things to my VPS_B.
After doing that, I could also access GDrive in VPS_B.

Though it's really convenient, my question is that this shows a little bit unsafety...
Everyone could access my GDrive only if they know my token in rclone.conf

And I don't know how to destroy this token. Is there any way to let this token invalid?
Or some way to see how many token I've already hold and manage them?


You can invalidate the tokens by going to the google drive web page, click on settings


Then on manage apps

I found that! Reeeaaaally thanks!!

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