How to record only statistics to the log

I want to record only error information (if any) and a final statistical information (number of files in the time taken) in the log file

At the same time, statistical information is dynamically displayed on the console.

But I found that --log-level only DEBUG INFO can produce statistics, but this also produces a lot of logs that I don't want to see.

Is there a way to only record statistics to the log and have the console display the statistics every minute?

might try --stats or --stats-one-line

another option is to process the debug log after rclone completes, which is what my backup script does.
scans the debug log and uses regex, to create a shortened log, only keeping the top lines and bottom summary statistics.

You might find this useful

  --stats-log-level LogLevel            Log level to show --stats output DEBUG|INFO|NOTICE|ERROR (default INFO)

Use it to raise the log level of stats

I did tests in two local directories

There are options for logging, which can be roughly divided into two categories:

  1. Write to the screen

1.1 -v, -vv

1.2 -P --progress

1.3 -stats

  1. Writing to a file

2.1 --log-file

2.1 cannot always be used in combination with 1.1 and 1.3. --log-file has the highest priority and will overwrite the operation of writing to the screen.

Only 1.2 -P can be used in conjunction with 2.1 --log-file which will print to the screen and write to a file at the same time

I'm a little confused now. I don't know if that's the case.

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