How to publish google app without domains?

I made my own credentials as suggested in the docs for accessing my google drive. The problem is that in testing (where I was happy to leave it) the token expires every 7 days. So, I thought I would push it to production, but it complains about no domains.

I do not use any callbacks, so how do I get around this without buying a domain for no reason?

You'd have to post/share more details / screenshots.

On my personal account, I have a production app.

No domain or anything needed.

I am able to publish it and my screen looks the same as yours, but it would give me an error when trying to get the token.
That's funny, it did not show that error with my school account.
I will try tomorrow to delete the app from my work account and try to do it fresh. Maybe it just couldn't handle "renewing" the app since it started in testing and I moved it to production?

Dunno as you didn’t include any details.