How to preserve time on s3 (minio)

How I could preserve time (ctime or mtime) when rclone local file on s3 (Minio) ?

Currently have: rclone --checkers 8 --retries 10 --retries-sleep 1s sync /folder s3:folder-mirror

rclone perseveres mod-time for s3 backends

you can see the mod-time like so.

rclone lsf --format=pt -R
rclone/backup/EN07/EN07.vbm;2020-08-08 10:29:24
rclone/backup/EN07/EN072020-03-14T104230.vbk;2020-03-14 11:25:54
rclone/backup/EN07/EN072020-04-04T095550.vbk;2020-04-04 10:34:42
rclone/backup/EN07/EN072020-05-02T095339.vbk;2020-05-02 10:34:37

--update with --use-server-modtime not helping.

I start sync from begining. At minio s3 I see synchronization date, not modification date of original files

Do you mean using the minio web interface or tools? You will only see sync date there. Rclone stores the modification date as extra metadata. It isn't possible to set the sync date via the s3 protocol.

Ah, ok now see it under x-amz-meta-mtime, thanks.

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