How to not cache to disk?

Hello, I'm currently using a lokal crypt which I sync to my gdrive crypt. I do this because I still want to access my files locally which is way faster than mounting the crypt from gdrive.

The way I do this is this: I mount my local crypt with the mount command and put --vfs-cache-mode full at the end. Then I copy the files into it, discmount the folder and use
rclone sync -P local: gdrivecrypt:

Unfortunately I do have all the files which I don't want to be stored unencrypted in the %userdata%/appdata/local/rclone and I have to delete those files in order to remove the unencrypted files.

Is there a way I can archive all of this without storing any of the data unencrypted to the disk?

Do not use full cache mode. No point to use it for local storage.

--vfs-cache-mode off

Do I have to set this flag even tho it's turned off?

You have not posted your rclone mount command - no idea what is there.

I usually use rclone mount crypt: folder/folder

Then just add --vfs-cache-mode off and no cache will be used.

not sure the logic of using rclone mount to backup a crypt remote and decrypting and re-encrypting files?

might be simpler to just follow the rclone docs.

fwiw, hard to share good advice, none of the questions in the help and support template were answered?

When I don't use at least the --vfs-cache-mode minimal option I'm unable to copy files to the mounted folder plus it takes forever to copy it over.

@asdffdsa I want to view my files locally while I back up the local encrypted folder to the gdrive encrypted folder. This way I can view videos, photos, pdf and all other sort of content locally. If I need to backup something I mount my local folder, put the files in there, unmount it and then sync the local crypt folder to my gdrive crypt folder. Unfortunately if I don't use the cache mode, I receive error messages so I'm kinda forced to. Unfortunately again the files will be put in the roaming folder unencrypted and I have to delete them manually.

IMO it is over-engineered approach. Not really sure what you are trying to achieve.

I am not Windows user but I guess you can create encrypted container/partition where you can store your secret content and sync from there to the cloud. Encryption can be linked to your OS account so only when you are logged in the content is decrypted/accessible.

OS encryption will be far superior to rclone crypt which lacks many features like extended attributes and links support. Rclone is great tool for cloud where these limitations are not really important - as not supported by cloud providers anyway.

Maybe if you explain what is your goal somebody can suggest some alternative solution.

As I said.

Let's assume I have a folder on my PC. I want to encrypt this folder so if somebody has access to my PC he / she can't just open my files. I encrypted that folder with a local rclone crypt. Since I'm afraid to lose stuff, I've decided to backup that encrypted folder to the cloud. So I've created another crypt with points to my gdrive crypt. I decided for this approach because mounted remote crypt folder takes years and so I can just mount my local folder, work with it, put files in it and afterwards sync that to my remote crypt as a backup.

The problem now is the following: When I mount my local folder, put files in it and unmount that folder in order to sync it to the remote crypt, unencrypted copies will be placed in the Windows local folder. So if somebody has access to my PC, that person can view my files unencrypted.

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