How To Move Files Server Side from My Drive to a Shared Drive

There are several ways to quickly move folders and files from My Drive to Shared Drives (formerly Team Drives). The same methods work almost identically for moving folders between Shared Drives.

  1. First test if you can drag your folders from My Drive to a Shared Drive using the browser Drive UI. Sometimes this is not enabled, especially for edu accounts. If you have access to your System Admin you can ask them to enable Folder Drag to Shared Drives.
    NOTE: You can almost always drag files, but folders are typically more restricted.

If #1 does not work then:

  1. Create a Shared Drive in the source account, or

    Add a Shared Drive into your source account from a second account. (Add members, add your source account email ).

    From your browser UI you should now see the new TD.

    In rclone create two remotes. e,g,

    • mydrive:
    • shareddrive:

    Authorize both of these remotes using the same id and secret.

    Authorize the source My Drive account as you would normally. Be sure to confirm using your source account.

    Authorize the Shared Drive in the same way - be sure to CLICK ON THE SOURCE ACCOUNT in your browser when authorizing.
    Repeat: If you are sharing the Shared Drive from a second account, do not authorize with the second account. This is what enables server side copies and moves.

    Once that is done you should be able to copy/sync/move server side from My Drive to the Shared Drive.

    • Server side copy and sync have the usual 750GB inbound limit.
    • Server side move has no quota.

    Test server side moves with a /test folder that has one or two small files in it.

    • rclone move mydrive:test shareddrive:test -vP --drive-server-side-across-configs=true

    Then move your /folder with the following command.

    • rclone move mydrive:folder shareddrive:folder -vP --drive-server-side-across-configs=true

Nice howto thank you :slight_smile:

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