How to mount to UNC Path?

so I can mount Cloud Drives as:

  • Drives : rclone mount -v --vfs-cache-mode full xxxxxxx:/ F:
  • Paths : rclone mount -v --vfs-cache-mode full xxxxxxx:/ F:\cloud\xxxxxxxx

but how to mount to a UNC path ? ( no , not mount as a network drive ..)
in my case it would be : \vmware-host\Shared Folders\share

cant get it to work frens ...

hello and welcome to the forum,

\\vmware-host, that is a machine on the network?

might check out

"share" is a folder on the Windows Host System
In VMware I activated this Folder under "Shared Folders"
"\\vmware-host\Shared Folders\share" is how the VMware's virtual Windows sees this folder under "Network"

Basically why i need this approach is to split multiple rclone Instances over 2 Networks rather than 1 , and still access them from the main System

I mounted the UNC Path as a Drive(Z:\share) and still get error when mounting to it ...

Cannot set WinFsp-FUSE file system mount point.
The service rclone has failed to start (Status=c0000002).
mountpoint "Z:\\share\\xxxxxx" didn't became available on mount

if you already have Z:\share, then why use rclone mount?

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