How to: Mount OneDrive root directory

Hello there,
I want to mount my OneDrive directory as a drive letter in Windows. While mounting "onedrive:" without specifying a path to a subdirectory, I always get the error "unknown object type nil". When I mount a subdirectory by mounting "onedrive:path", it's working properly.
Is it possible to mount the root directoy and how is this done?
Thanks a lot!

rclone version: v1.65.0
os version: MS Win 11 Home 23H2 (64bit)
os kernel: 10.0.22631.2861 (x86_64)
os type: windows
os arch: amd64
go version: go1.21.4
go linking: static
go tags: cmount

This is known issue with rclone v1.65.0. Wait until v1.65.1 is released or install the latest v1.66.0 beta.

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