How to monitor stats from "rclone copy --rc ..."

Hi team,

How to get current stats (uploaded bytes/percent, upload speed) of current "rclone copy" programmatically?

I run a copy command: rclone copy remote:/dir --rc -P.
Then I run rclone rc vfs/stats or rclone rc vfs/stats fs=remote: on another terminal, it throws:

Failed to rc: failed to read rc response: 500 Internal Server Error: {
	"error": "no VFS found with name \"remote:\"",
	"input": {
		"fs": "remote:"
	"path": "vfs/stats",
	"status": 500


rclone rc vfs/list

	"vfses": []

How to monitor the current stats of "rclone copy"?


Use core/stats instead of vfs/stats that should work.

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Ah, thank @ncw. I'm wondering why I hadn't found before.

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