How to make rclone upload files one by one

hello I want to know how can i upload files to onedrive one by one

I'm uploading a folder in onedrive but since all files are in folder rclone creates batches to upload files (4 files at a time) which makes the upload too much slow
I want to know how can make rclone upload files one by one in sequence and not in batches when uploading as a folder

is there any way to

  1. upload all files one by one in queue
  2. reduce the batch size
  3. increase the upload limit of files in rclone

thanks in advance :pray:t2: :pray:t2:


you can control how many uploads occur at the same time

I have aria2 hosted on heroku that transfers my files to onedrive how can I proceed with this

proceed with what?

I mean since it transfers files from heroku and not my local machine how can I input commands to make changes over there

still not understand exactly what you want to do?

aria is a downloader you use to download from heroku?

you can deploy aria to heroku that has inbuilt rclone which transfers files to clouds but uploading 4 files at a time makes it slower so how can i use that transfer command for that webhosted app running on heroku

what is the total size of files you want to move from heroku to onedrive?

it depends but right now 20gb

the default number of transfers is 4 at a time.
you can change that using the flag
for example, --transfers=8
that would be 8 transfers in parallel at the same time.

i tried this on my pc shows invalid command or something

show me your command and i will help you with it

rclone --transfers=1

that is not a valid command, there is no action.
and you need a source and dest

rclone copy source dest --transfers=1

will this be applicable to every transfer made

it will be applicable to the command

its really confusing for me i really don't know any commands is there any communication platform i can reach you like telegram messenger etc

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