How to make a copy test?

Is there any rclone command that I do a test copy? I'll explain in detail...

I made a script to copy files from one Drive to another Drive, but there is an upload limit of 750G per day, my script goes into a loop and to get out of it, you need to do a test to see if the limit of 750G has been released, so I thought of two quotes:

  1. I do the test of copying 1 file, if I can copy, when I finish copying only 1 file, the command exits;
  2. Some command that does not copy I do, but tests whether it is possible to copy, to check if the daily limit of 750G has already been released.

can anybody help me?

Today I use this command to perform the copy:

rclone copy $ORIGIN $DESTINATION -v --transfers 4 --max-transfer $LIMITEDDOWN --drive-stop-on-upload-limit -vv --log-file rclone.log

You want to add dry run.

—dry-run is your friend.

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By the way, can you tell me the drive upload download limit? Is it on account?

If I have 2 drives in my account, and I copy files from one to the other, can you tell me how the expense will be? I ask because the documentation is bad and it's confusing.

Google doesn't document it so no, I cannot tell you. Most folks say it's 10TB download and there are many other limits not documented as well.

What do you mean? Why would it cost anything to move files?

Sorry, I said it wrong, but there is no limit of 750G per day, is it an upload?

If I have two Drives, I copy from Drive 1 to Drive 2, that is, it is Download (Drive 1) to Upload (Drive 2).

They are different limits, aren't they?

Yes, as you are downloading from one and uploading to another.

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