How to lsf --hash for webdav?

I want to lsf hash csv for my webdav backend.

rclone lsf remote: --format psh --hash md5 --csv --files-only

Then I got:

2023/01/21 20:31:00 ERROR : 文档.docx: Failed to read hash: hash type not supported

I can use rclone md5sum remote: --download , but that isnot csv output.

If I run rclone lsf remote: --format psh --hash md5 --csv --files-only --download

 error: unknown flag: --download

I want to create an MD5 CSV table for files in remote webdav storage, like this:,297,1bc68792ead47bb26d59528b8514d915

It's in the output there as WebDav doesn't support that hash type.

rclone backend features remote:

Will show you what hashes are supported.

I want to use --download on remote that does not support hash.

But only hashsum has --download flag, lsf does not.

Perhaps check out the hasher remote.

You can't use lsf to get a hash on a remote that doesn't support as it only list files.

great! thank you :blush:

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