How to know what rclone is doing now through SSH

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I'm using rclone on a shared seedbox and I have to use SSH to mount and monitor the upload status. If I ever lose my SSH connection, how can I go back to the rclone running -vv monitoring? So I can know in detail what it is doing now? Thanks a bunch!

If you start the rclone with the --rc flag, then rclone will run the remote control server. You can then use rclone rc to query that rclone. There are various web frontends you can attach to it also.

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thanks for the tip but I'm not finding the right thing I'm afraid. I mounted with the --rc flag and I tried attaching some frontends to it like rclone rc cache/statistic and others but I haven't found the one that shows a running debug of up-to-date status. Like, is rclone writing .partials is it sending chunks to gdrive, is it scanning a library? Those I'm interested in.

EDIT: Ah, I figured it out, just used tmux in SSH to make a background rclone session that I can come back to even after disconnecting from SSH.

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