How to install/use rclone in Cloudflare Workers

i want to run rclone on a web app, it is possible? i saw GDindex using rclone on Cloudflare Workers but how? rclone have any api for this? examples...

hello and welcome to the forum,

as the the GDindex page, just follow the steps given,
what is it that you need help with?

1. Install rclone
2. Setup your Google Drive:

No, i want to make a own website. Where i upload files, move, copy to different drives.

I say GDIndex as an example, GDIndex using rclone in Cloudflare Workers

sorry, pretty sure, that is not correct - based on the weblink you shared

to perform the initial GDIndex setup.

  • if you have a google account service file, then GDIndex does not need rclone at all.

  • if you do not have a google account service file, then GDIndex needs refresh_token.
    you have to manually copy/paste that from rclone.conf file.
    after that, GDIndex does not use rclone

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