How to Install Rclone on Windows 10?

Hi guys! I've been using this program (rclone) not so long and it's extremely awesome. I use this program to tranfers,copy,sync my files from seedbox to my gdrive storage... and to run this program, I had to use puttty application.

My question is... can anyone share with me on this topic to benefit the others as well on how to install rclone in windows 10. Not running any 3rd-party apps like putty, and how to use the rclone on windows, I mean cmd or dos command or something like that to run and use it.

I was searching this for so long and I didn't find any one who completely post or share the exact tutorial bout this. Well, is there a possiblity to run rclone on windows right? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

i use rclone on windows 10 and windows server, every day and have backed-up many terabytes of data.
there is no need to 'install' rclone.
first, download rclone.exe to a folder on your computer.
then, you have to configure rclone, using rclone.exe config to use whatever backend you want; I use wasabi.
check out

and as a windows user, check out my wiki to enable VSS.

let me know how I can help you.

You don't need to install anything. it's just loose file that you can place anywhere and use.
Just download from the download page and extract it somewhere.

Usage is just like on Linux, so if you are already a user on Linux then there should no reason to re-learn anything. Just open up a CMD window and type your rclone commands - or mount if you prefer to tie it into the OS.

Aside from a few minor quirks in how how Windows deals with path names compared to Linux, and some very minor differences in the mount endpoint, it's the same program and works the same on all platforms (which is pretty neat).

@asdffdsa I can run rclone on Windows 10 now, but can you help me guys, for the command or other tips and tricks of transferrring files... coz when I'm using putty to transfer my files from seedbox to gdrive it runs 70-100 mb/s, but when i used Windows 10 via cmd, just normal transfer of my files from gdrive to other gdrive, it runs 40-50 kb/s. so slow.

hi there,
i would like to help.
i do not use seedbox or gdrive, i use wasabi, which has fast uploads.

a few questions.

  1. what is the size of the data?
  2. you want to do a one-time large transfer?
  3. what are the results of speedtest?
  4. tho i do not use gdrive, my understanding is that to move files from gdrive to another gdrive, rclone has to download the file, and then copy it to the other gdrive. and i know that gdrive limites the number of connections per second and the total amount of data transfered each day.
  5. get a few trial of wasabi, i really like it for fast uploads.

i use wasabi

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