How to install latest version from github ? (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS )

I installed it following normal linux installation (deb file )

p.s. The main reason I wanna test latest version is to check the upload speed.

to install from github:

sudo apt install golang
go get -u -v

this comes from

Yea sorry forgot to add Iam not sure about
Make sure your GOPATH is set, then:

to set the GOPATH put these lines in your ~/.bashrc then logout of the shell and back in.

export GOPATH=$HOME/.go
export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin

The first line sets GOPATH you can set it anywhere, I just chose ~/.go. The second adds the place where rclone will be to your environment path so you can run rclone from anywhere.

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Next to that I found that apt-get golang gave me a very old version of golang which in turn gave me lots of errors during the go get ... command. I went with grabbing golang from the official website which solved the X509 certificate errors I was getting.
Iā€™m on Ubuntu 14.04 btw.

Thanks for the help.