How to ignore deleted google photos

I am trying to sync my google photos to my local drive using rclone. I noticed that rclone is also syncing my photos which I deleted long back. I already cleared the trash in my google photos. still, I can see photos syncing which I deleted.

How to ignore the deleted photos.

Ramesh Chandra

IF they are being downloaded, they are there. Where did you delete them? In the interface? Althrough that is supposed to delete them in the drive allocation (Google Photos) folder i’ve seen where it doesn’t. You’d have to delete them from drive in “google Photos”

I can’t see those files in Google photos ( because I deleted them after uploading to google and this I have done long back. But I can see deleted photos in ‘Google Photos’ folder in my GDrive.
When I first synced google photos to my local folder. I got lots of ‘MD5 hash differ’ error. So I thought there might be different photos with the same name and I was right as I verified a couple of photos randomly. So, I renamed duplicate photos using dedupe.
Now I am seeing all those deleted files. For example, I can see a file ‘IMGP0537.jpg’ in my Google photos. But ‘Google photos’ folder in my GDrive is showing two other files ‘IMGP0537-1.jpg’, ‘IMGP0537-2.jpg’.
How to get rid of deleted file from Google photos and only sync photos which are in Google photos.


I’m not clear what you’re asking. The contents of the ‘Google Photos’ folder in drive doesn’t necessarily mirror the contents of

Also be careful running a dedupe against ‘Google Photos’ drive folder as google uses duplicate files on purpose and deleting those will mean that you may have renamed/deleted files that actually exist in

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