How to i update the mounted rclone drive immediately?

I have mounted my team drive with rclone using the following flags --log-level DEBUG --umask 002 --poll-interval 15s --vfs-cache-mode writes --allow-other . I am using rclone mounted drive for filebot renaming purposes so i need a way to manually trigger all the changes ( rename , move , copy etc ) to have its effect immediately. Since i am running this mount as a service , i even tried doing systemctl stop service && systemctl start service but that didn't update the files in mount immediately . I could see files in my mount which have already been renamed and get displayed with newer name in drive app or webpage but mount still displays the files in their old state .

Hence i need a efficient way , a command or something to manually trigger and update my drive mount at any given point of time . I am not looking for a way to always have my mount automatically update every second , that would only be possible through something like 1s polling time i beleive which can cause bans from what i have heard so avoiding that

Updates have per the poll interval which you have set for 15 seconds.

There isn't any to have something happen immediate as refreshing it will take some time depending on the size of your drive.

You can set the poll interval to something lower to get changes shorter.

I've never heard of that as you don't get banned from Google unless you violate there terms of service.

--poll-interval 1s is good to go for changes to appear as fast as possible ?

Also i have seen that sometimes files which have been already been deleted keep showing up in my mount . How do i make sure that this thing is reflected in mount immediately as well ?

Personally, I think 15 seconds is fine, but your use case is your use case on why you need something immediately so I can't judge that.

No idea as that doesn't makes sense as poll interval updates changes on the mount when something is noticed via the interval. You'd have to supply a log and recreate the issue.

Thanks for clearing all doubts.. On a closing note , i have a last question. I am running the mount as a service so when i do systemctl stop and start service, how does rclone mount still manage to display the files in their old state ? Since i am starting a fresh mount service , shouldn't everything in mount be up-to-date already ? ( irrespective of the polling interval ) .

Yes, it definitely is if you stop the rclone process and restart it.

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