How to get unlimited onedrive access token

Hi support,

I want to get backup with rclone automatically.
In this case, I will use Onedrive as target.
But I can get only onedrive access token it expired is 1 hour.
Could you please tell me how can we get Onedrive access token it is no expired?

That's how tokens work. Rclone will automatically refresh it when it expires.

Hi Animosity022.
Thank you for your reply.

Will we need authorize when token is expired?

No, rclone should do it automatically.

Hi support,

It seems my explain was not enough.
I want to implement the schedule on openmediavault for take backup and transport to Onedrive with rclone.

  • backup rotate: once / everyday

In this case, is Onedrive access token updated automatically?
Or Shall I authorize with command 'rclone authorize "onedrive' again?

Sounds like that should work. Give it a try and see if you have an authorization issue.

Hi Animosity022,

This problem is resolved.
(An access token was refreshed automatically.)

Thank you for your support!

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