How to get details in Rclone response

Rclone is transferring the file but in response it just gives -> {},
is their any flag which i can put in my below request to get details like how much time it took and what was the size of files it moved etc ?

    "srcFs": "test:/data/CHBULKUPLOAD/LOCALTESTING/Src4/",
    "srcRemote": "/data/CHBULKUPLOAD/LOCALTESTING/Src4/",
    "dstFs": "test:/data/CHBULKUPLOAD/LOCALTESTING/Dst3/",
    "dstRemote": "/data/CHBULKUPLOAD/LOCALTESTING/Dst3/",
    "_async": false,
    "_filter": {
        "IncludeRule": [

Run your job asynchronously (_async = true) and use job/status to query its details.

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