How to get a cache to do what I want

Hi! I am what you could call very new to RCLONE and Linux in general. I have recently set up a home server running unRAID and have had that for a good 4 months now, learning every day, it’s been nice. I have RCLONE set up and working, in a few ways. I am using mount to mount my google drive remote as a share, mount an encrypted remote for things like tax documents and such, and finally, a third use is literally running a backup a good chunk of my dataset right to drive. There is, however, one more use case I would like to have set up.

I would like to have a cached rclone share that I can copy files to, so it is fast and on my local SSD cache drive, but that it will essentially copy it up to the google drive as soon as the write operations to put the file there in the first place are completed, or maybe clear the cache once an hour and upload whats there. Most of the files are going to be coming from nextcloud and a few will be downloaded directly here. I can’t really use google directly since much of the software and apps that would be writing directly to this share simply error out. I would also like to be able to use this cache for better Plex playback. Right now, it is just a backup of my Plex library and I play nothing directly from the remote currently but it would be nice if I could change that. With gigabit internet, the bandwidth wouldn’t mean much.

So, here’s the deal…

Do I have to, or at least SHOULD I use two cached remotes, one for Plex and one for these uploads?

I’m confused as hell about the two different kinds of caches and I think I need a hand to actually understand what the heck they are and what the difference is.

Please, just talk to me like I am a child, no seriously. I am running all of this without any education with regards to this stuff and am kind of flying by the seat of my pants and what I can get with my google-fu. Make any and all suggestions you can think of because I really do need to learn more.

Thanks in advance for any assistanct you can provide! :+1: