How to exclude from directory ?! why is exclude not working? why is it even complicated at all?!

rclone copy / gdrive:/backup --exclude="/proc"

this doesn't work. should it work? why not? it's a simple simple why even cmon arghh..

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best to test filters using rclone ls and debug output
so try this command
rclone ls / --exclude=/proc/** -vv

Thanks, I found out that the syntax to exclude directories is proc/** and not /proc

Do you think it makes sense to change it though? Wouldn't it be better if it worked like in rclone's namesake rsync, where directories are detected by "globally" and there is no need to add /** it just automatically detects that it's a directory and not a file?

now that you know, no need to change it.


if you want to suggest a new feature, start a new post using the feature template.

maybe you are right and it's fine. Other than that double asterisk gotcha it seems to be working fine now.

yeah, it is a common gotcha.

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