How to exclude file from copying based on size and mod time?

I am running rclone 1.66 in windows 10.

So far I have been using --filter-from followed by the file having filenames only, this excludes the files from copying based on filename only.

I want to maintain a text file having following info of files that I want to exclude from copying to destination based on file size, modified time and filename :

 3220 2024-01-14 18:41:20.000000000 testfile.txt
   249 2024-01-29 10:48:42.000000000 myfile.docx
 1165 2024-01-29 13:14:12.000000000 myexcel22.xlsx

Please guide me.
Thank you.

rclone has fiters based on size and modtime.
check out
for example

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