How to delete specific directory

This is not a bug, but i just want to know how to use the rmdir command.

i have a root folder with a lot of subfolder, and inside each subfolder there is a folder named ".ABC_store", yes there is a dot in front, and it is not empty (i want to delete it eventhough it is not empty).

i am trying to use

rclone -vv rmdir gCryptNoCache: --include=".ABC_store"

but it just doesnt find anything of folder starting with a dot.

please help guide me how to delete all the .ABC_store directory included in all subdirectory in the root folder?

thank you.

All those things in the template that you deleted are helpful to solve your issue.

What version are you running?
What backend are you using?
Can you share a log with -vv of what you ran?

If you are using rmdir, the directory has to be empty:

You'd want to do a two step process and delete first:

Be sure to use --dry-run and make sure your filter is matching.

rmdir only deletes a single empty directory.

I'd do this in two stages

Delete all the files in directories called .ABC_store

rclone delete --dry-run --include=".ABC_store/**" gCryptNoCache:

Then remove all empty directories

rclone rmdirs gCryptNoCache:

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