How to delete mega folder permanently?

If i delete files from mega cloud drive it moves file to trash bin. is there anyway we can delete folder permanently?

It's on the documentation page for the Mega remote.

thank you for the link, but i could not able to figure it this the command line?
rclone --mega-hard-delete "remote:folder"
rclone hard_delete "remote:folder"

Flags you put on the end of your commands.

rclone delete remote:somefile --mega-hard-delete

ah i forgot...thanks :slight_smile:

edit: worked fine but it's leaving empty folder. anyway to remove that too in one command?

I don't know what you are running so it's tough to give the right answer.

Can you share the full command you are using.

this is the command line. it's deleting all file inside upload folder. but it's keeping empty "Uploadfolder" behind.

rclone delete remote:Uploadfolder --mega-hard-delete

That's on the rclone delete page:

  --rmdirs   rmdirs removes empty directories but leaves root intact
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