How to delete empty source folders after moving with Rclone?

When I use the move command to move files from my seedbox to my Google Drive it moves everything but leaves empty folders behind. I would like those folders to be deleted. What command should I run?

This is my command at the moment:

rclone move ~/private/rtorrent/data/"TransfersToGoogleDrive" 
gdrive:/"Transfers From Seedbox" -v --transfers=8 --stats=5s 

I currently have folders like this on my seedbox:

  • Work
  • Samples

I would like everything in the TransfersToGoogleDrive folder to be moved to my seedbox. I would then like all the emptry folders left over in the Work and Samples folders to be deleted. Could you please tell me what command to run to do that.

rclone rmdirs ~/private/rtorrent/data/"TransfersToGoogleDrive" --leave-root"
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Actually rclone has a flag for this now --delete-empty-src-dirs on the move command.

Not sure exactly which version that is in, it is certainly in the latest beta.