How to decrypt the files from a rclone mount locally?

My setup is like this :

PC 1 uploads stuff to cloud and it’s encrypted using rclone mount + crypt.

PC 2 uses rclone mount to get access to the encrypted files, but I need them decrypted locally on the fly.

Is that possible?

Yes you need to mount on PC 2, your encrypted folder, with the same config file generated on the PC1 in order to be able to decrypt your file.

Export your config file from PC1 to PC2 then mount folder on PC 2.

Thanks so much!

But where is the config file stored ?

Depends on your server. What is the OS of PC1?

On Unix : ~/.rclone.conf

it is Ubuntu 16.04.

I suppose I also need to set up the remote for my cloud storage right ?

You set up everything fine on pc 1 and just export config file on pc2 you just need to mount directory on pc2 after replacing the config file by the one just exported from PC1. Because you exported the config file, the remote will be already setting up on pc2.

Ok thanks.

Do you know if flags like --read-only --allow-non-empty --allow-other --max-read-ahead 512k --buffer-size 512M applies to my crypt remote ?

I need them for performance on my PC2.

And now that I’m thinking more, there’s no need to even mount my storage remote right ? It’s just a dump for encrypted files.

I’m not sur to understand you’re last question… On PC1 you don’t need to mount you’re remote to be able to mount it on pc2, if this was you’re question.
All the flag just impact the way it’s mounted but don’t change anything on the directory itself.

Can you Give me more details on what do you want to do exactly on pc1 and pc2. For the moment I just Know you want to access your data on pc2 encrypted by pc1 ^^

Since several betas ago the new folder is ~/.config/rclone/rclone.conf ( assuming file does not already exist from before in home folder )