How to decrypt file without rclone?

It’s a paranoid question but: suppose that rclone is a dead project, all sources are lost, but I’ve still the .rclone.conf with password and password2 and I have access to my remote repository from where I can download the encrypted files.

Is there another Linux binary or standard tool (some common script language, Perl, Python or so) with which I can decrypt all my files ?


Why would rclone be lost any more than these hypothetical tools which could also get lost?

Just keep a copy of rclone somewhere safe. I’m sure someone will have a copy of it that you can get.

IMO if you can keep your .rclone.conf safe then you can keep the rclone binary safe too.

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This part of my message was rather a joke. I’d like to well understand the process of crypting/decrypting used by rclone. And my opinion is that it’s for the benefit of rclone to expose alternate methods to handle these files. The confidence in a tool becomes greater when you’re not forced to use it.

Well rclone is open source, so you can just look at the encryption method and implementation.