How to copy public google drive file without sharing with me?

I would like to know if it is possible to copy public shared google drive file without the need for shared it with me?

The reason for this is i am using google service accounts in rclone and i can not add the public file to that accounts shared with me ,and the all possible solution i found for server to server copy is to use shared-with-me flag.

I need a solution that let me just add the URL of the public file and let rclone copy it server to server.


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If you just want to copy a single file then try

rclone copyurl  -P  drive:file.txt

But it is not direct URL file.

It is google drive public file, so there is not direct download link for it.

When you share a file on drive, it has a URL. I'm not following what you mean.

Shared-with-me should work as well I believe if you authenticate using drive impersonate.

I think the above command work basically with link that lead directly to file, not a landing page where you need to get the true direct download link.

the above google drive link is not lead directly to download link.

It is not possible to add public links to shared with me for service accounts as they had no access to google gui.
Unless there is some command that let me add file to shared with me using shell.

I see what you mean. If its a folder I know you can use the drive-root-folder-id. I don't think you can do that with a file though and i'm not even sure if the API supports that. Maybe V3 does.

rclone lsf --drive-root-folder-id=1vdYaK_MChKDHtc-XXXXXXXX drive:


Looks like this issue is up for grabs if someone want to have a go!

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