How to copy a File from Google Drive URL to a my Drive(rcloned)

Hi ,

I have a google drive link which looks like this<somefileID>/view

I am trying to copy this to my Google Drive's Shared Drive , it is setup and i am able to copy from and to that drive using rClone .

So these are the things that i tried .

I tried using

rclone copy mydrive:foldername

rclone copyURL mydrive:foldername

Both did not work

I tried going through the documentation as well as this forum most of them talk about copying the folder but in this case all i have is access to this file that's all . So How do i copy that file on server side ?

You can do it using the ID of the folder.

rclone lsl --drive-root-id ID mydrive:

Note that if you want to copy it to your drive, you'll need to make a remote with that ID as the "root_id" as if you add --drive-root-id to the command line it will affect both drives (or you can do it with ENV vars but making a new remote is simplest)

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