How to compare md5sum hashes after copying files from Dropbox to Google Drive?

I recently used rclone copy to copy all my files (about 300 GB) from Dropbox to Google Drive. It would be nice to see if each of the files match up by way of say md5sums. However, I know that Dropbox doesn’t compute md5sums or hashes for any files in the account, while Google Drive does. As a result, when I run rclone check, it doesn’t seem to really do anything (or am I incorrect)?

Is there a way to efficiently make sure all the files from my Dropbox went to Google Drive without corruption? Thanks!

It can’t check the checksums as google drive stores MD5SUMs and dropbox have their own hash.

It will check they are all present and correct and the right length though.

You can also use the --download flag which will stream the data down from both remotes and check the hash like that. That might be an unacceptable amount of downloading though! (It won’t use space on your computer).

For a half way house you could download the files from dropbox or google and check a local copy against the other storage.

Thanks, with the --download flag, where is it actually getting downloaded?

Just into memory long enough to compare the bytes. This is done in a buffer so it won’t use loads of memory. Bytes from both files are read simultaneously into two buffers then compared. This is then repeated until the whole file is checked.

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