How to check different file more than 3dest?

Now I can compare between 2 directory. (from this link Using rclone check to print/copy differences)

rclone copy source: empty_dest: --compare-dest full_dest:

But I can not compare 3 directory or more.
Does it have any way to compare 3 directory or more?

rclone copy source: empty_dest: --compare-dest full_dest_1: full_dest_2: full_dest_3:

Not currently, no.

I see from the rsync man page that multiple --compare-dest directories are allowed there

          Beginning  in version 2.6.4, multiple --compare-dest directories
          may be provided, which will cause rsync to search  the  list  in
          the  order  specified  for  an exact match.  If a match is found
          that differs only in attributes, a local copy is  made  and  the
          attributes  updated.  If a match is not found, a basis file from
          one of the DIRs will be selected to try to speed up  the  transā€

So maybe rclone should allow the flag to be repeated...

Thank you Ncw. Hopefully have this feature in future. It's really usefull.

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