How to change mimetype of the pdf files for b2 storage by Rclone?

I want to change the mimetype of my pdf files in b2 storage from application/pdf to application/octet-stream,how to do that with Rclone?

Thanks :blush:

I believe rclone uses your system mimetype.

You can't change mime type of existing files with B2, you'll need to correct your system mime type and upload them again to fix them. that gonna be a lot of work since I have a lot of files needed to be done.. :sob:

You could probably do it with a server side copy too which would at least save your bandwidth:

I think rclone may work for you there too, but

  • not 100% sure about the mime type - you'd need to test
  • it won't work for files above 5GB in size at the moment
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Thanks,man.It helps a lot

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