How to best upload a file to multiple storage?

Hello, I've been using Rclone for a month, and it's great.

now I want to sync the same file to multiple storages at the same time.
Is there a mass sync command for this? or does anyone have a predefined script to do this?

so I don't have to write rclone sync manually for each server separately :slight_smile:

USE: Windows

Not currently, though the new (not yet merged) union backend will be able to do that!

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create a batch file and have one command for each copy

rclone copy thefile remote1:
rclone copy thefile remote2:

if you want something more complex, let me know.

Is there an rclone command that can tell me the amount of remaining GBs in the selected drive?

rclone about gdrive:
Total:   15G
Used:    3.203G
Free:    11.786G
Trashed: 2.813G
Other:   10.733M

rclone about --help

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